UN 4G/4GV Cartons

Case Ref4GV Max Weight4G Max WeightSize (mm)UN MarkGradeQuantity Pallet
STF13Kg5Kg175x155x215UN 4GV/X3/S/**/GB/5657300K500
STF24Kg8Kg213x213x213UN 4GV/X4/S/**/GB/5658300K500
STF2A4Kg-235x230x250UN 4GV/X4/S/**/GB/1915300K500
STF37Kg11Kg275x195x300UN 4GV/X7/S/**/GB/5659580CA120
STF411Kg16Kg325x245x300UN 4GV/X11/S/**/GB/5660580CA120
STF513Kg18Kg360x260x295UN 4GV/X13/S/**/GB/5661580CA120
STF619Kg27Kg430x310x300UN 4GV/X19/S/**/GB/5662580CA120
STF6A12Kg-420x240x440UN 4GV/X12/S/**/GB/1607580CA120
STF729Kg34Kg390x390x425UN 4GV/X29/S/**/GB/5663740CA60
STF7A19Kg-420x420x440UN 4GV/X19/S/**/GB/1374740CA60
STF842Kg50Kg575x370x420UN 4GV/X42/S/**/GB/5664740CA60
STF8A45Kg-600x600x440UN 4GV/X45/S/**/GB/1386740CA60
STF980Kg91Kg775x575x540UN 4GV/X80/S/**/GB/56651000AAA40

Note! Under no circumstances must the UN mark be obscured during use.


Safety Manual

Quick Guide to the UN Code on 4G Cartons

UNIndicates packaging tested to UN requirements.
4GIndicates that the container is a box fibreboard
XIndicates the container is suitable for products in Packaging Groups I, II & III
#Indicates the container is suitable for packaging to a maximum gross weight of 5Kg
SIndicates that the container is suitable for Solids or Inner Packaging
**Indicates the year of manufacture
GBIndicates the country where tested
2251Is the Certificate Number

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